Victoria Nettleton

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Welcome, I'm Victoria!

I’m a professional landscape gardener with a lifelong love for the outdoors. My style creates idyllic outdoor spaces, with timeless designs to suit your taste and at a maintenance level you can manage.

I create ideas not only transform your garden and home but give you a beautiful outdoor space you can find peace and tranquillity in. Where possible there’s also a focus on sustainability, and awareness about minimal environmental impact creating a garden that is not only good for the eyes, but good for the planet.

I work alongside some of the best local contractors and suppliers, taking the lead on projects, ensuring you get premium results without the hassle of managing it yourself.

A bit about me...

I think I must have been born green-fingered! From such a young age, you could always find me outdoors with my family & friends, embracing and relishing every bit of garden life. When I was old enough, my love for plants took me to my first part-time job in a plant nursery where my love for being outside blossomed, and I decided a career in gardening was for me.

I trained at Pershore College of Horticulture, qualifying with an HND in Horticulture and Landscape and Design after 3 wonderful years of studying. After college, I held work placements at local nurseries before becoming designer for several landscaping companies all over England & the Channel Islands.

In 2003, I decided to set up as a sole-trader with my own business. I’ve been extremely lucky to work on beautiful projects all over the country, of all different sizes and styles, as well as displaying my expertise at several different garden shows over the years.

Now, I’m solely based from Shropshire and surrounding Staffordshire & Herefordshire counties in the West Midlands. As well as working in gardens, I love getting into the outdoors for bike rides, walks especially with my dog, Cadbury. I’ve also got pet goats, some sheep and I make sure I get to yoga classes when I can.

My style of gardening is traditional, but timeless. I’m passionate about creating designs that will stand the test of time and not age within a few years. My own gardening journey has been so personal to me, something that I really bring into my work in the bespoke designs I produce. In the current climate, I’m extremely mindful of the footprint we leave on the planet. I take extra care and time to source sustainable and resourceful materials, and am responsible with the handling of any waste from my projects, minimising our environmental impact.

Living in Shropshire, I’m extremely lucky to be surrounded by a lot of very talented landscapers, contractors and suppliers. It’s really important to me to work with other local sole traders or independent business owners. These are relationships I’ve built over my many years in the industry, so I can always trust and rely on the quality of work they provide.

A lot of time and care goes into creating something that you’ll not only love to spend time in, but enjoy looking after too. I am careful to adapt my designs to any specific accessibility needs you may require for movement or maintenance. I am truly humbled that every day I get to do something that I love, helping nurture a new relationship in the people I work with and their outdoor space


Want to discuss how we can transform your outdoor space?


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We meet in your garden to discuss ideas to make the best of your garden space

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Garden Design

Creating a tailored plan for your unique outdoor space

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Planting Design

Designing the very best planting scheme for your garden

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Altering the existing design by adding decorative features, structures & planting

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Plants & Planting

We source and install quality plants from our best suppliers

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Garden Maintenance

Providing ongoing care for your garden ensuring it is always at its best